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from/to over 40 languages in all fields.

Translation forms the main part of our work. Finding a translator is only a portion of the organization in any order. To make clear the purpose of translation and depending on it, to assess the text requirements in order to comply with its specific features, to assemble a team of translators and proofreaders, to compare factual data in target versus source test, to implement style editing - all of these are complementary conditions indispensable for performing a well-adapted and quality piece of translation. To obtain even something better than an accurate translation, we offer additional terminology revision, as well as editorial adaptation to the relevant mother tongue.

Based on these steps, we offer several categories of translation:

  • Official translation - includes translation by an authorized translator + review of factual data
  • Translation with style editing - includes official translation + additional stylistic and linguistic revision
  • Specialised translation - includes official translation with style editing + terminology editing by a consultant
  • Adapted translation - includes adapting the translation by an editor with the relevant mother tongue

The speed of translation delivery is consistent with the customer needs. Prices of translations are available for standard orders, but we also offer quick translation and same-day translation. For more information, please, feel free to contact our associate by phone or send us a written request through the section "Contacts"