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General Terms:

These General Terms govern the main relationship between Translation Agency Jezabel and users of translation services.

Order request and assignment

A translation request shall be submitted in writing with a completed order form by e-mail, fax, mail, via courier or in the offices of Translation Agency Jezabel in the city of Sofia, 26 Al. Stambolijski Blvd, 1st floor, apt. 1, or at 21 Hristo Botev Blvd, fl. 2, apt. 6. The request shall specify the following: source/target language; agreed price per standard page (calculated on the basis of 1800 characters with spaces for standard languages); source terminological field; execution time; manner of placing the order and source type; manner of order delivery and target outlay; purpose of translation, terminology requirements and provision of any aids/ customer contact person for consultation (mandatory for interpretation); spelling of names of individuals as per identity document, requirements for company name spelling; expansion of source acronyms/abbreviations; selected translation category.

Receipt of orders

When executing an order by e-mail, Jezabel shall expressly notify the customer of the order completion and the customer shall confirm receipt of the executed order. Orders made at the office of Jezabel shall be obtained on the agreed date, upon presentation of the request issued by Jezabel to the customer. Presenting the request spares making any errors in the delivery of completed order. When receiving an order, which includes legalization, the customer shall check the documents legalized. Remarks can be made on site, upon receipt of order.

Translated documents can be rendered/delivered by e-mail, post and/or by a courier of your preference to any destination in Bulgaria and abroad and in the offices of Translation Agency Jezabel in the city of Sofia, at 26 Al. Stambolijski Blvd, 1st floor, apt. 1, or at 21 Hristo Botev Blvd, fl. 2, apt. 6.

Costs calculation

  • The cost of translation is calculated as per the price tariff, based on a standard translated page consisting of 1800 characters with spaces. The number of physical pages in the source cannot be used as basis to calculate the price. The number of pages can be easily calculated in electronic version of the text using the Word Count tool of the Tools menu or using the Word Count Review tool, depending on the Microsoft Word version in use.
  • The cost is the sum of several factors: the language group; source specifics and complexity; term of translation delivery: standard – within 3 working days, fast – in 24 hours; express - within 8 hours.
  • Daily rate of translation: 8 pages.
  • Translation cost includes translation by a sworn translator and, if the timeline allows it – proof of factual data by a proofreader.
  • Costs of legalization and certification depend on the document type and state duties for certification by the relevant authorities, the cost of courier service.

Method of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, the price is paid in Bulgarian lev (BGN): down payment of 50% of the service cost. The remainder due is paid upon receipt of the completed order.

The service cost is paid by either way:

  • in cash, at the offices of Translation Agency Jezabel in the city of Sofia, 26 Al. Stambolijski Blvd, 1st floor, apt. 1, or at 21 Hristo Botev Blvd, fl. 2, apt. 6;
  • via bank transfer;
  • cash on delivery (COD) by courier.


We are fully aware of any adverse effects that may arise from a late delivered document or translation. Once we commit to a deadline, we are doing our best and keep it. If any unforeseen circumstances arise, we will promptly contact you to discuss the best option for you.


Claims of return are accepted only if a written request is made. The claim is made in writing, by listing and describing errors claimed. After receiving the complaint, the text shall be subject to further version by reviser or consultant, at Jezabel expense. If the customer refuses to accept the text after revision, the claim shall be considered by two expert revisers or by an independent expert. If the case proves so, a discount shall be made, according to the revisers’ opinion or at the independent expert’s discretion.

Under Article 126 of the Consumer Protection Act, claims for return may be filed within 14 days of detecting non-compliance of services with the agreed. Returns on orders containing legalization can be made upon receipt of order.


Translation Agency Jezabel is obliged not to disclose and distribute to third parties any information it has been made aware of in connection with implementing its obligations under these General Terms. In this regard, the Agency shall be entirely responsible for all and any actions of its employees and subcontractors. The confidentiality obligation and the Agency’s responsibility are in force during the implementation of these General Terms, and even after termination thereof.


By accepting these General Terms, the customer gives his/her explicit and unreserved consent to the Agency to process, in the capacity of personal data administrator, personal data to which it has access when performing the order, including to disclose such data to other persons or institutions authorized thereby and/or related thereto for the purpose of performing the order and for other lawful purposes.

In case of individually signed contract for translation services, the terms and arrangements specified therein shall take precedence over these General Terms.

For all and any outstanding issues in these General Terms, the provisions of the Obligations and Contracts Act, the applicable legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria and the requirements of EU Standard EN 15038:2006 shall apply.

The parties shall settle any disputes arising from the implementation of this agreement via amicable talks, and if it is not possible, under the laws in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.