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The company has over 250 qualified specialists, most of which professional translators, linguists, proofreaders and freelancers specializing in various types of translations, depending on the specifics of individual industries and fields of activity. They provide technically accurate translations, which meet the market requirements. Our translators have years of experience and training, but are also sensitive to cultural specifics. We go through all the documents and texts with all kinds of content. All translators sign affidavits for the fidelity of their translation and non-distribution of information entrusted thereto as translation task, which can also be verified, if you wish, with his/her own signature on a special declaration signed in your presence. We deliver translations in different formats, including formats compatible with most applications on main operating systems. We specialize in translations of large-volume projects, in short time, from different languages ​​into Bulgarian and vice versa. The delivery of large-volume assignments in short time is organized by our in-house team - linguists, experts in the field and editors. Each translation is re-read, verified by a second translator, if necessary consulted with a specialist (if of course the term is very tight). Our main goal and objective is the maximum accuracy of translation.

Permanent  control over the translation process and the established quality control and management system for translations are the reasons to offer high quality translations and to respond to customer requirements. Every translation received maximum attention. Every customer is informed in detail on the service ordered, while ensuring privacy. Our prices  are reasonable and affordable.