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Prices of Services

The price of translation is calculated on the basis of a standard page - 1800 characters with spaces*. The price per standard page depends on the source and target language, the text specifics and the delivery term for the translation. For regular customers we offer alternative pricing schemes, which are agreed in advance. At the request of the customer, we can provide detailed information about the service cost. Below are examples of prices for common languages ​​and documents.

The cost of interpreting is calculated based on hours worked. Translators’ assignments start at a minimum duration of one hour. For more than eight working hours per day a price increase is chargeable subject to talks with the customer. In a commitment for more than three days of our translator, you can use the discount.

The cost of legalization of documents is determined by the tariff set by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and depends on the document type and the country where it will be served.

Due to the diversity of documents required in the various cases, it is impossible to provide a single price for translation and legalization of each document type. Therefore the only possible way to inform you precisely about the service you need is to make an inquiry, describing the types of documents you need and the state where they will be served, then you will get a quick and accurate response with prices and description of the service.

The price depends on the target language, the source complexity, the term for delivery, the source volume and the selected category of translation.

* For some languages of ​​Group 4, a standard translation page is counted by different characters. For further information and details, contact our assistant.

EU official languages:

English (English), Greek (Ελληνικά), (Modern (νέα ελληνικά), Greek (αρχαία ελληνικά), Danish (Dansk), Estonian (Eesti), Spanish (Español), Italian (Italiano), Latvian (latviešu), Lithuanian (lietuvių), German (Deutsch), Dutch (Nederlands), Polish (Polski), Portuguese (Português), Romanian (Română), Slovak (Slovenčina), Slovenian (Slovenščina), Hungarian (Magyar), Finnish (Suomi), French ( Français), Czech (Čeština), Swedish (Svenska)

Prices for translation by languages

Depending on the common use of the language, our prices are divided into 6 groups and the quoted price is for regular order. For prices for fast and express orders, please, contact our associate:

Language Group I: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, French:

Personal documents of any kind subject to legalization

14.00 BGN/page

Specialized papers

16.00-18.00 BGN/page

Medicinal terminology

20.00 BGN/page






Language Group II: Bosnian, Greek, Catalan, Macedonian, Moldovan, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Croatian, Czech:

Personal documents of any kind subject to legalization

22.00 BGN/page

Specialized papers

24.00-26.00 BGN/page

Medicinal terminology

30.00 BGN/page






Language Group III: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Danish, Norwegian, Flemish, Dutch, Swedish: 

Personal documents of any kind subject to legalization

35.00 BGN/page

Specialized papers

40.00-44.00 BGN/page

Medicinal terminology

50.00 BGN/page






Language Group IV: Belarusian, Czech, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Finnish:

Personal documents of any kind subject to legalization

50.00 BGN/page

Specialized papers

55.00-60.00 BGN/page





Language Group V: Azerbaijani, Vietnamese, Georgian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Kazakh, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian (Dari, Farsi), Swahili, Uzbek, Urdu, Hindi:

Personal documents of any kind subject to legalization

55.00 BGN/page

Specialized papers

60.00-65.00 BGN/page





Language Group VI: Japanese:

Personal documents of any kind subject to legalization

110.00 BGN/page

Specialized papers

130.00-140.00 BGN/page






Prices for revision are 50% of the cost of translation for the respective languages


Prices for Interpretation, standard languages (Group 1)

  • Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting at a booth catching up with the lecturer. It is performed by a team of two interpreters.

Price per team: 800 BGN/day.

  • Consecutive interpreting

Interpreting with a delay during talks and workshops. It is performed by a team of two translators or by a single translator, depending on the specifics of the work.

Price per translator: 80 BGN/hour.

Price per team: 150 BGN/hour.

  • Accompaniment

Accompaniment and assistance during travel or other situations that require knowledge of the environment and the language.

Price: 60 BGN/hour.

Prices for interpreting in other languages are negotiable.

Legalization prices

Standard order

10.00 BGN

Express order

15.00 BGN

Same-day order

20.00 BGN


Provisional prices for translation and legalization of official documents in standard languages:

Updated as of Jun 01, 2022

* For countries with which Bulgaria has a treaty for mutual legal assistance, the prices of state fees for regular order are 15 BGN lower and for fast order - 22.50 BGN lower.