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  • Simultaneous interpreting - Simultaneous interpreting is a interpreting at the time of speaking (i.e. the speaker is not waiting for the translator). It requires appropriate equipment - booths, microphones, headphones. Increased workload and responsibility arising from indirect contact between the speaker and the interpreter require that interpretation is assigned to a team of two interpreters. The price is determined on a daily basis, per team. This type of interpretation is commonly used for presentations, workshops, press conferences, television and radio broadcasts in real time, etc.
  • Consecutive interpreting - Consecutive interpreting is to interpret with delay. It requires no special equipment. The price is quoted per hour for one or two interpreters, depending on the nature of the work meeting. This type of interpreting is commonly used for meetings, discussions, negotiations, certain types of short presentations and workshops, press conferences, phone calls, etc.
  • Accompaniment - Accompaniment is not interpreting by itself, but rather an assistance in communicating, shopping, traveling, accommodation of foreigners or other situations requiring knowledge of the local environment and the language. The price is quoted per hour, per interpreter.

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