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What do we offer?Translation and legalization


from/to more than 40 languages ??in all areas, by licensed translators.


Simultaneous intepretation, Consecutive intepretation, Accompaniment.

Certification and legalization

Certification by Apostille. Legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Proofreading and Revision

We offer a service to proof-read translation and edit documents in translation.

Green Card

Full-service in filling and preparing Green Card application documents.

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Online order
Why Jezabel?

20 years we have been building trust, offering quality and growing.

Expert team

Over 250 skilled, professional translators/interpreters and proofreaders.

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Uncompromising quality

ISO 9001:2000 / June 20, 2008 by Bureau Veritas Certification, ISO 9001:2008, BS EN 15038:2006.

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Speed and accuracy

We offer translations from and to more than 40 languages. Express orders, legalization.

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  • When do you need translation of documents?Open or Close

    You need translation of documents from Bulgarian into foreign language when: applying for a job or studying abroad, marriage abroad, certification of various personal facts and data in front of foreign authorities, etc. Conversely, translation of foreign documents into Bulgarian is required when: equalizing education acquired abroad, marriage to a foreign national, certification before the Bulgarian authorities of various personal facts and data that occurred abroad, etc.

  • When is it necessary to make consular certification in a foreign embassy?Open or Close

    Consular certification in a foreign embassy is made only after your documents have already been translated and legalized. Usually it is necessary at the explicit request of foreign authorities to verify the fidelity of documents translated. Consular certification in a foreign embassy is also required if you perform translation and legalization in Bulgaria of a photocopy of a document acquired abroad, for example, if you want to legalize your Hungarian birth certificate in Bulgaria.

  • How is the price of legalization formed?Open or Close

    The price for legalization is determined by the type of document. It is a benchmark for the number of certificates and various state duties to be paid. For more information, visit the section Prices and Legalization.