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50,000 persons and their families will have the right to residence and employment in the US.

  • Official US Government programme, approved by the Congress
  • Your chance to have residence and employment in the US.
  • Easy online registration and assistance at any stage of registration
  • Double chance of winning the Green Card for spouses  

Only the Green Card lottery entitles you to constantly work and reside legally in the United States. It gives you the right to enter and leave the country freely. The applicant’s spouses and children (aged under 21) automatically receive "Green Card." Then they can be employed at highly paid job positions, which is possible in the US. Green Card holders are also entitled to education, health and all other rights as U.S. citizens on equal footing. They can sponsor their relatives, who have also applied for Green Card. The Green Card does not affect the citizenship by birth and if the recipient wishes so, he or she may apply for US citizenship at a later stage (5 years).

In the past, the application process was done via letters. But there was a problem with overloading post offices. The correspondence records often got lost or disappeared who knows where and why. There was no absolute certainty that your letter would arrive at the destination within the specified term, taking into account and that it had to be sent by ordinary mail only and travelled 2 to 3 weeks.

In 2003 (DV2005), changes were made in the procedures for submitting Green Card applications! Green Card applications may be submitted only electronically. Mistakes in completing the forms or in digital images lead to disqualification!

In this regard we offer you:

  • Filing your applications electronically, according to the new requirements of the US State Department for Green Card lottery, in due time.
  • 100% guarantee that your Green Card application is submitted successfully is the electronic confirmation from U.S. State Department servers, which will forward to you immediately electronically or (optionally) in printout.
  • If you are unable to visit our offices or have residence outside Sofia, you can pay the corresponding amount by bank transfer via payment order or postal order and send by registered mail to the address of our office your photos, personal details and a copy of fee receipt.
  • Optionally, we can prepare professionally and perfectly the documents required for the interview at the US Consulate, and to provide any information they might need in processing your application.


Participation in the Green Card lottery is free of charge. Translation Agency Jezabel is not related in any way with the US government, as the latter does not hire external consultants or private companies for purposes of this programme and has not authorized any company or organization for activities related to Green Card lottery. Using an external mediator or assistant to prepare an electronic application form is a personal decision of the applicant. Participation of each applicant individually and free of charge or the use of paid services by a company is a matter of your personal and free choice. The fee paid to Jezabel is not for the Green Card lottery, but for processing and submission of your data. The fee you pay does not guarantee winning the lottery, nor it gives you an advantage over other successfully registered participants.

The electronic application form, which meets all the above requirements and is sent by the applicant, enjoys the same chance to be drawn by the server at the Kentucky Consular Center, as well as the electronic form submitted by a paid intermediary who completes data on behalf of the applicant. All electronic forms from a geographical region received during the registration period have the same chance of being drawn. However, if they receive more than one electronic application form from the same applicant, it will result in disqualification of all forms from this applicant, regardless of the sender.


What do you need to participate in Green Card Lottery?

1 colour picture sized 2x2 inches (50x50 mm) (for families: mandatorily, a photo of each family member, including all your unmarried children under the age of 21, including those from previous marriages, if applicable). Photographs for Green Card must date from the last 6 months. 


Personal data: 

1. Full name. First write your surname, then your first and patronymic name. Write down your names as per passport.

2. Date of birth day, month, year.

3. Gender: male or female.

4. Location where you were born.

5. Country of birth: You must indicate the current name of the country where you are born.

6. Country eligible to participate in the programme. You should commonly write down the country where the applicant was born. The country with the right to participate has no connection with the country where you live now. If you are born in a country that has no right to participate in the DV programme, please, review the FAQs to see if there is another opportunity for participation.

7. Applicant photo - recent photos of the holder, spouse and all children listed on the form. Refer to section Sending digital photos about compositional and technical characteristics. No need to attach photos of spouse or child who are already US citizens or permanent residents of the US population, but if you attach them, there will be no adverse consequences. Group photos will not be accepted, you must provide a photo for each person individually. Your application form may be disqualified or a visa can be refused if the photo is not recent, was manipulated in any way or does not meet the specifications described below. Please, refer to section Sending digital photos for more information.

8. Mailing address: Name of the recipient, address: street, city/village, district, postal code, country.

9. The state you currently live.

10. Phone: (optional).

11. Email address: You must provide an email address which you can directly access. If you win and reply to a notification that you have won, in the Entrant Status Check, you will receive further notice from the State Department by e-mail, which will inform you that the details of the immigrant visa interview will be posted on the site for review. The State Department would never send you a message that informs you that you were drawn in the DV programme. See the FAQ section for more information on selecting winners.

12. The highest level of education you have currently. 1) elementary school; 2) secondary education, uncompleted; 3) secondary education, completed; 4) vocational school; 5) uncompleted university; 6) university; 7) postgraduate studies; 8) Master's degree; 9) qualification after Master's; 10) doctorate. See the FAQ section for more information on the requirements of education.

13. Marital status: Single/unmarried, married, divorced, widower/widow, legally separated. [In Bulgarian legislation, there is no "legally separated" concept and therefore applicants from Bulgaria could not use it, even at the time of participation they live separately from their spouse, but the marriage has not been dissolved by judgment]. Please, write down the names, date of birth, gender, place of birth, country of birth of his/her spouse, as well as a photo of his/her spouse meeting the same specifications as for your picture. If the spouse is not included in the electronic form, it will lead to disqualification of the main applicant and refusal of visas for all family members during the interview. You must include your spouse on the form even if you intend to divorce before applying for a visa. It is not necessary to include your spouse, if he/she is already a US citizen or has permanent residence in the U.S., although you will not be penalized for not including them. See the FAQ section for more information on family members.

14. Number of children. Please, write down the name, date and place of birth of all living unmarried children under the age of 21 years, regardless of whether they live with you or whether they intend to accompany or follow you, if you immigrate to the United States. Please, attach separate images to each of your children by following the same technical specifications as for your photo.