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About Us

Translation agency Jezabel was founded in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. It has been operating since 1995 and since then it has been working with Bulgarian and foreign customers without interruption. It is authorized by Directorate "Consular Relations" at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for official and certified translations of documents of any kind with updated Contract No. 1708 dated December 06, 2012.

We have 2 offices in Sofia and since 1995 we have been meeting orders for translation and interpretation of different topics and of varying complexity. We are committed to certification of documents in all state institutions and agencies of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as certifications in all consular offices and missions of foreign countries in the Republic of Bulgaria to allow documents to be recognized worldwide.

For customers willing to conduct on their own certification of documents in various institutions, we provide professional free advice and information about any problem with the translation and legalization of documents.

Our prices are reasonable and affordable, tailored to the current business environment in the country. In terms of materials of larger size, we offer optimized timeline for delivery according to your requirements and apply a flexible pricing policy.

Meeting expectations of our customers is our main interest. Translators and office assistants in the agency pool their professional efforts and overall commitment to deliver service quickly and efficiently so that our clients achieve the best results.

Our Translators

The Agency has over 250 qualified specialists, most of which professional translators, linguists, proofreaders and freelancers specializing in various types of translations, depending on the specifics of individual industries and fields of activity. They provide technically accurate translations, which meet the market requirements. Our translators have years of experience and training, but are also sensitive to cultural specifics.

We have expert resources of permanent translation teams available at any time. We have introduced a quality monitoring and control system ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN 15038:2006.

All translators sign affidavits for the fidelity of their translation and non-distribution of information entrusted thereto as translation task, which can also be verified, if you wish, with his/her own signature on a special declaration signed in your presence.

We deliver translations in different formats, including formats compatible with most applications on main operating systems. In case of assigning specific texts from specialized scientific fields, the translation is done by a translator who is specialising in the field.

We specialize in translations of large-volume projects, in short time, from different languages ​​into Bulgarian and vice versa. The delivery of large-volume assignments in short time is organized by our in-house team - linguists, experts in the field and editors. Each translation is re-read, verified by a second translator, if necessary consulted with a specialist (if of course the term is very tight). Our main goal and objective is the maximum accuracy of translation. Permanent control over the translation process and the established quality control and management system for translations are the reasons to offer high quality translations and to respond to customer requirements. Every translation received maximum attention. Every customer is informed in detail on the service ordered, while ensuring privacy.

Our employees:

They monitor the order implementation from receipt to delivery. They take your order and ensure coordination between various units of execution.

Our customers:

Our portfolio of customers includes more than 500 corporations, translation companies from different countries, law firms, international companies and holding companies, government organizations, etc. All of them have selected our services due to high quality, reasonable prices and short delivery times.


By using all modern means of communication, we can be contacted 24/7. You can send us an inquiry or submit materials for translation through our online form, by fax, email or via the messaging service Skype, and also to visit us personally at one of our offices.

You can register your customer account on our website and then can place orders through the website, to check the status of current orders, to be notified in case of changing status and view your order history.

Our advantages:

After twenty years of continuous presence in the market, valuable experience gained and strict staff recruitment policy, a motivated, time-tested expert team of qualified translators and office assistants is at your availability.

We provide constant monitoring of quality of service, tailored to your requirements and delivery time.

Our translation service guarantees accuracy, precision and adaptation to the linguistic and cultural specificity of the region or the target audience.

We have developped a flexible system of receiving and delivering orders – via email, Skype, on request, by courier, by postal services.

We guarantee non-distribution of customer confidential information.

We provide professional free-of-charge advice and information about any issue related to legalized translation and legalized documents.

Our main prices rates have been unchanged since 2008 and we offer various discount schemes for larger quantity and for our loyal and regular customers.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Quality management of translation services

Translation agency Jezebel introduced a quality management system, ISO 9001:2000 on June 20, 2008 by Bureau Veritas Certification, with transitive transition to the new standard ISO 9001:2008.

All company processes are regulated and interrelated, criteria and control methods are set and the necessary resources for effective operation of the processes are secured.

As of May 08, 2013, the quality management system has integrated the requirements to provide translation services according to the European standard BDS EN 15038:2006. "Translation services - Requirements for service provision", which guarantees high quality in the performance of the overall process of translating from the moment of accepting the order to its delivery. Implemented system for managing the quality of written translations enables control of the accuracy and completeness of translation service. It provides provision of quality end product with traceability at all stages of the workflow introduced by the rules of control of all translation projects. Every translation project is registered to determine any appropriate contractors with appropriate qualifications and experience in the field, it passes through the actual process of translation, self-check by the translator and mandatory revision by an editor. With this traceability and feasibility of assigned projects, we ensure our customers an end product, which meets the highest quality criteria.

Continuous updating of computer software and office equipment provides precise technical preparation of documents for translation and layout them in the agreed format, whilst ensuring safe and timely communication with our customers and partners and reliable storage of information.